History of Trap

Beginnings of Malak-Trap company have roots in 1991, where surface treatment was its main occupation. Our main customers were Szczecin’s Gryfia Repair Yard and Morska Repair Yard. In the beginning works were carried out on owned equipment, which had to be modest at that time.

In 1992 our clients remained the same, however our equipment improved. For a taken loan we have purchased Atlas Copco XR 350 compressor, sand-blaster, elevator, sand silo, delivery truck and airless paint guns. This given better work comform and improved quality of works.

Investments in previous year given us possibility to perform several class vessel repair projects with Northpol company, which moved us on the next level. We have become an independend company with known potential and power. 1994 year delivered one of first large-scale project where we could present ourselves from best side – the Piklington warehouse for Mostostal Stalowa Wola in Sandomierz town. We have blasted and painted area of approximately 70 000 m2 in 4 months. That was at that time great achievement not only for us, but also impossible for many companies at that time.

The 1995 was for first cargo tanks performed under strict control of Norwegian client and paint producer. Special requirements for that surface cleanness (there was salt water testing performed for the integrity of coating) and small tolerance of coating thickness, however we fullfilled the demands receiving good feedback from the client.

1996 was for four class vessel repair with Master company and four with Poltrampservice. We started cooperation with globally known in that times Stocznia Szczecinska Shipyard. That was the time for testing ourselves if we are able to meet demands for the newbuilding sector and acclimatize in new environment. The contract took 1 year. We did very good receiving good references.

In 1997 for the first time we performed surface treatment works on bridge construction in Swierkocin by the Warta river, after that bridge in Koscierzyn. These were repair works showing a lot of surprises during execution. Another project, another experience, given us opportunity to ensure of our capabilities.

In 1998 we focused on services for shipyards working mainly for Gryfia and Morska. We started project on Krajnik bridge. We have also did some works in Belchatow power plant. These works required high flexibility and mobility. From that year we started also works of offshore constructions, although the scope was not large initially.

Next year was the time for strengthening position on shipyard and bridge markets. We have gained more experience and gained new clients e.g. Allround Ship Service. In that time we have been successfully audited for the quality certificate ISO 9001. That was confirmation that we are able to meed quality demands on most demanding constructions/areas like cargo or water tanks, bridges or offshore constructions.

In 2000 we focused on builiding positive opinion about our company and enlarging clients group, executing more and more specialized works – the gantry cranes and warehouse open-framed constructions. Next year given us even larger appreciation and contracts. In 2001 there was a first abroad client that hired us for works – Muhlhan. It is known that shipyard sector quality demands are the highest therefore working for clients like Gryfia or Morska resulted in appreciation, to that extend that this sector was our main source of work. We also performed minor civil works like Auchan warehouse in Bydgoszcz. A large project also took place in Torun – the riveted bridge – performed under full road traffic. The overall area was approx. 100 000 m2 – works ended in 2004.

In 2002 we confirmed that we are capable to meed demands of German client. We have broaden our services to other German shipyards in Kiel, Lindenau and Papenburg. We extended also scope of services performing few works simultaneously on few bridges. This was possible with our production management and constant skills development.

Important moment was in 2003 where we again started working on offshore constructions for Morska in Swinoujscie. At that time we performed Kristin project for abroad clients. After which we gained better feedback not even from Polish principals, but mainly from Norwegian clients. From that time we encountered stable growth in that sector, still developing other segments i.e. newbuiliding and repair of vessels, bridges and shipyard sectors.

The year 2004 was a year of offshore constructions. Good opinion about the company has given effect of good financial results and new contract for fireproofing using Chartek 7 on Ekofisk project developed for Morska shipyard – finally for Aker Kvaerner. We have applied the Chartek coating with one of the largest service provider – German R&M. Apart of surface preparation and application we also did required pinning. That was another knowledge which we attained during the process of development of company’s position. We focused on being most universal and professional contractor.

During next years we faced stable growth on offshore construction market. We worked on the Alvheim topside/subsea project, but also on fireproofing with Chartek 7 for another abroad client – D&F Group. Apart from that scope we did standard works for offshore constructions for Energomontaz-Polnosc Gdynia. Both of which were for the Ormen Lange project.

Not interrupting presence on vessels and bridges we constantly expanded our activity on offshore constructions. We started works H-6e project. Continued Alvheim and started with D&F Group working on onshore gas construction on Aukra island, Norway during Ormen Lange project. In Norway we were responsible for execution of regular surface treatment and fireproofing of Chartek 7. Apart from the insulation and surface treatment works on steel constructions in 2006 we started working on concrete structures – the Leszno bridge. We received good opinion and another client from different anticorrosion sector.

Fast growth in 2007 let us improve our machine park and organizationally develop. We received good feedback during works under Aker and Aibel projects. We returned to work execution in Germany, this time for energy sector – also demanding just as the offshore. This challenge was finished successfully. It was rewarding to receive recognition from our client for timeliness and quality aspects of project.

In 2008-2009 we concentrated on projects for the offshore sector in several localizations in Poland. The works consisted on fireproofing of Chartek 7 on the Gjoa EPCH done for the Kaefer Energy – it was finished with success. We applied on area of approx. 10 000 m2 special coating which was large logistic challenge because of works in Gdansk, Gdynia and Swinoujscie. This was a special project for us and our client, because this was the first time Polish company covered such a large scope.

In 2010 because of possibility to render services at the quay in Szczecin, we executed few projects of surface treatment for the abroad shipowner. These works required a lot of skills because of complicated technological process of paint application and post-curing. These experiences gave us possibility to execute surface treatment for short pot-life paints designed for high chemical resistance.

MT Oraness - zbiorniki ładunkowe - MarinelineRok 2011 to rozpoczęcie projektów offshore dla wieloletniego klienta Morskiej Stoczni Remontowej oraz zmianę organizacyjną przedsiębiorstwa. Firma Malak-Trap, dzięki nowej grupie właścielskiej, rozpoczęła współpracę ze Stocznią Południe w Szczecinie uzyskując dostęp do nabrzeża o długości 600m. Dzięki temu zakres naszych usług rozszerzył się o remonty nabrzeżowe przy nabrzeżu Arsenal-Nowa Odra. Liczymy, że dzięki tym zmianom będziemy mogli zapewnić jeszcze lepszą obsługę będąc blisko wykonywanych prac.